Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As promised

Pics of the tunic I made for myself. My first zippered garment. Let me preface this by saying two things. 1. I don't know why I look so mad in the pics. In general, I'm not a big smiler, but I think maybe trying to coordinate getting myself in the frame is too much for me. 2. I don't think my upper arms are really that fat in real life. I mean, they're definitely chubby but I don't think they're that big in proportion to the rest of my arm in person. Maybe I'm just in denial. Wait, I thought of number 3. Yes, I realize my toilet paper roll is in the shot.

Ok, this is the Boutique Chic Juliet Tunic pattern that I bought from Jona's shop. One thing I've realized in reading craft blogs is that it's supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows but that's not really me so I'm just going to be honest. I didn't love the pattern. Keep in mind, I don't really know how to sew, but I think I've been totally spoiled by pdf patterns. There's no hand holding or helpful pics in the pattern so I felt really un-confident during the whole process. I think the back zipper is the stupidest idea ever invented and wish this had a side zipper. I think I'm going to strain a neck muscle reaching around to zip it up. If I knew how to sew better, I could probably figure out how to change it. Oh, and I think the back comes up too high. Again, probably something I could fix if I knew how to sew.

Also, I think it might give a faux pregnancy effect. What do you think? I've decided I'm just going to wear it out in public today and see if anyone asks me when I'm due. I'm thinking about trying to take it in a little more (I already took in the pit area) but figure I'll try to create some awkward social moments first.

So, not my favorite pattern but I did end up with what I think is a wearable-in-public garment. And I love the bright and fun Heather Bailey fabric. I may make it again if I can figure out how to move the zipper and make a better fit.

Oh, and to my Wisconsin ladies who I can hear saying, "Bitch is wearing a sleeveless shirt in December?!", it's actually only supposed to be 70 degrees here today so I'm wearing this little sweater over it:)


alissa said...

Kelc! so cute!!

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

I think it is adorable! And girl . . YES you can SEW! Not sure what you are talking about there.

And a sleeveless shirt? Really?

I thought you were going to say you were wearing the RED sweater for your Wisconsin girls mascot! LMAO!

Andrea said...

LOL! It's cute Kelci! I really like that fabric too.

Keels said...

LOL!! Beeeach!! Sleeveless in know it was only 2 flippin' degrees on my way to work this morning. This Wisconsin gal is already tired of the snow, and it has just begun. Ok enough of my whining...I think that it is totally adorable!! You done did good girl!!

roxybonds said...

super cute!

LOVE the look of the red sweater over it :)

Man I'd love 70... I'm in 3 layers :(

Tonya said...

I think this came out great, Kelci! And I don't think your arms look fat lol I really am impressed, this being your first sewn garment! Totally wearable and it looks really cute with the little red sweater.

I have been asked if I was pregnant when I wasn't before, not fun! Poor man wanted to die and his wife wanted to kill him : D

Anonymous said...

That shirt is really cute! I love the sweater too. You did a nice job. Anna

Marie said...

I would totally hate the back zipper too. I'm all about side zippers and avoid all clothing that requires assistance to put on.

I like it with the sweater worn over it and those style tops do give the faux pregnancy look, but you still look great in it. The fabric choice is pretty awesome, so you couldn't have gone wrong. And I don't know why you keep saying you can't sew, that's pretty good for your first garment. I have her skirt pattern, opened it up and was intimidated and now it's sitting there collecting dust.

jona said...

I love it! You did a great job and I think it's a flattering fit (and Marie is right, that fabric is great). I know what you mean about those patterns, not a lot of pictures.