Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I think I posted a few months ago about the girls' Christmas gift from us being a brand new bedroom. Crafty Papa decided that we should really go for the wow factor and do the whole thing overnight on Christmas Eve while they were sleeping. In the last week, I've cycled between being totally stressed out about the makeover and then really excited.

Thankfully, the girls went to sleep immediately last night and we were able to complete the redo in only three hours. New princess dreams pink paint, new bedding, furniture rearranging, new desk and accessories, window treatment, spruced up garage sale shelves and decor. I used my Cricut to cut out vinyl decals including their names and a princess crown on their bedroom door and their first initial and a princess crown on their closet door.

The girls were really excited and reacted as nicely as we could have expected. They both said it was a princess room now and they've spent almost all day in there playing (while I ignore them and play with our new wii:) ).

Here are some before and after pics. Yellow is before and pink is after. We still need to put back the outlet covers and hang a few more things on the wall but want to give the paint a little more time to dry.


jona said...

Oh wow!! 3 hours??!! You guys are amazing! What a sweet gift to give your girls. It's definitely a room fit for two princesses. Merry Christmas Crafty Family!!

roxybonds said...

Sooooo cute!!!!!! What a great gift!!!!

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! Awesome work you guys . . .

Oh and I gasped at that desk . . that is the EXACT SAME desk I had when I was little! It was all white and my mom found me a 'mini' white chair, and my dad got some glass cut for the top and I slid pictures under the glass . . . not sure where it is today! LOVED IT & LOVE THEIRS!!!