Monday, March 23, 2009

Faux Shopping

I've decided to take up the fun hobby of faux shopping. I go to my current favorite website, add things to my cart, get all excited about my new outfits, and then never purchase them because like everyone else in America right now, we don't have the extra money.

My current web obsession is Lands End. Weird, huh? I bought a bathing suit (great clearance deal-only $30 with free shipping!) from them a few weeks ago even though all of my friends thought it was crazy to buy a suit without trying on 50 "no's" first. It fits perfectly. Actually, I bought two and they both were great but I returned one (for free, I might add) because I couldn't afford both. The fabric and craftsmanship are so much nicer than anything in the stores and everything is locked and loaded where it should be.

Since I was so happy with my bathing suit, I decided to devote hours to faux shopping on the Lands End website. I've picked out lots of tshirts, cute gaucho knit pants, a fold over modal skirt, slip on casual shoes, and chino shorts.

Once I finished loading my cart, I very seriously said to Steve, "I wish I could just somehow come across $250." And he very seriously replied, "Me too." We have lots of conversations like this. Just the other day I said, "I think we should start seriously considering winning the lottery." And he said, "I think that's a great idea."

This afternoon, I sent him the following instant message at work...

me: we got our state refund! $370.
Steve: Yay!
me: I'm dying to ask for $100, give you $100 and then put the remaining $170 toward ceiling fans. But I won't. I'll just tell you that I want to ask:)

He didn't respond.

ETA: This is the bathing suit I got. Definitely recommend it.


Jan Richards said...

What a great idea...faux shopping.
I am so impressed by your weight loss. Also jealous too. You are very determined to lose 8 lbs. already. Keep up the good work. I seldom write,but always enjoy your blog. Know there are plenty of us who read and enjoy your work.

Marie said...

you should see my etsy shopping's ridiculous! hmmm...lands end? i'm in need of a good bathing that will load me up and thin me out in all the right places. i'll have to check it out...that is a great deal you got!

roxybonds said...

My coworker just bought (not kidding) $900 worth of stuff from Lands end.... every bathing suit they have in 2 diff sizes, plus a bunch of shoes for her girls in diff sizes. She plans to return about $800 worth to the local Sears though.

Sarah said...

Too funny...I do this all the time and with scrapbooking stuff...ALOT. Good thing for my checkbook that it is faux shopping. But you still get that fix.

tscrapper said...

I love that bathing suit! Good pick!

Anonymous said...