Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reason #7 Why I Don't Deserve a Nice Machine

My mom was nice enough to upgrade me from the Saturn of sewing machines to the Cadillac sometime last year. It was supposed to be an early birthday and Christmas gift but I distinctly remember getting gifts for both of those events last year so bonus for me I guess. Thanks mom!

Anyway, we've already been over some of the reasons why I shouldn't have a Cadillac. Had never sewn a button hole, thought Coats & Clark was good thread, no idea a machine could so on a button. Now I present a new reason.

We were going to Morro Bay last Saturday which is about 40 minutes away and happens to be where my machine dealer/servicer is located. I had been having some issues with the thread breaking, bobbin getting all wacky, fabric bunching, etc. In short, I decided the timing was slightly off. So, I take my machine in, share all of this with Rob, the service guy. He says he'll take a quick look at it. Here's my inner dialogue.

Rob: Before you leave it here, I'm going to take a quick look to make sure it isn't something as easy as the bobbin being in wrong or wound incorrectly or something like that.

Me: (Dude, I'm not an idiot. I think I know how to put in a bobbin)

Rob: Oh look, the bobbin is in backward. That might be causing your problem.

Me: (Crap, how did I put it in backward? I must have been distracted. Crap.)

Rob: So, here's how you put it in. See the six? Always clockwise. See, it's going clockwise.

Me: (*%$#! That's not how I've been doing it. Wait, I've been putting it in wrong this whole time?! No, I had to have been doing it right at first and then somehow changed. Crap! I am an idiot. Do I tell him now or let him keep going? He'll know, I should just tell him.)

Rob: See, I'm testing it now with the bobbin in correctly and it's sewing perfectly.

Me: Yeeeeeaaaaaaah, I'm pretty sure it was the bobbin. I think I can just take my machine and go now. But first, lets talk about what I'm probably doing wrong with my serger.

So, all in all, not a great feeling. Even as I admitted my mistake in the shop, I was still questioning whether I could have been getting it wrong for months. I was convinced that when I got home and played with it, I would realize that I just looked at it incorrectly in the shop and I really have been doing it right, just differently. Not so much.

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jona said...

Heehee hoho heehee! That's so funny (I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that)! I'm glad you've got it worked out. I'm afraid to take my serger in for that very reason!