Sunday, March 22, 2009

Keeping up with my average

Remember the days when I listed a bag every day? Well, those days are definitely gone. I'm averaging about 20 hours a week at Carters now and while it's still a hard adjustment being away from my family most of the weekend, I'm earning about enough to pay for our monthly groceries and half of our utilities. And in this crappy economy, that's exactly what this family needs.

So, my new store listing average is about one bag a week and I'm learning to accept that. I had the weekend off to go out of town but cut things short and came home last night (I stayed home without my husband-just like a big girl!). That left me lots of time today to get caught up on cleaning, laying around and doing nothing, faux shopping (more on that tomorrow) and SEWING!

I wasn't really sure where I was going with the design when I started this bag and truthfully, I wasn't totally sold on the results at first either. But as I've been sitting here listing and blogging, the bag is right next to me (I swear, it's like the buttons are staring at me in a creepy way) and it's totally grown on me.

I love the combination of red, cream, and brown and I think the damask is very classic but the finished bag has a bit of a modern touch. And it's the perfect size, if you ask me. I've been attempting to carry a small zippered bag for the last few months and it's totally not working out. I found two forks and a spoon in there last week so apparently, I need a bigger bag for dishes and such too.

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