Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama's Day

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother's Day. We've spent our day mostly in our pj's and just laying around watching movies because mama and papa have been really sick for several days now.

I asked for just one thing this weekend...time to work on my quilt. I got my big stack of fabric from Jona last week but waited a few days to start cutting and piecing because I was feeling so sick, I was afraid I'd screw up on something.

I have all of my strips cut and sewn together and am working on cutting my blocks and triangles. I'm a little bummed that even though I purchased enough fabric, it looks like I'm going to run out. Tell me if this isn't crazy...I'm supposed to cut four 10 1/2" squares from my strips. So that's 42 inches total. The strips started at 44" but definitely shrunk after washing and drying. Add to that waste and selvages, and I can only get 3 squares out of the strips instead of 4. Seems kind of ridiculous to me. Anyway, here's my first pieced square...

Lastly, I got an amazing present from Crafty Papa today. HE DESIGNED and MADE it for me himself!

How sweet is he? A metal flower sculpture for our yard with one flower for each of the little girls we're growing. We saw something similar recently and instead of buying it for me, he surprised me and made it himself. I think I'll definitely keep him.


Beth said...

Love all the bright colors for your quilt!
And pretty cool flowers, too.
Happy Mother's Day!

roxybonds said...

The quilt is going to be amazing!!!!!!

The flower thing is too sweet!

Happy mom's day :)

Keels said... guys are the ultimate Crafy Family!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors of your quilt!!

Marie said...

Your quilt is looking fabulous! I love all the bright colors. And those metal flowers are AMAZING! Steve is definitely a keeper!

Hope you had a blessed Mother's Day!

jona said...

Okay, Crafty Papa is truly amazing! That is beautiful!

Your quilt is so pretty and colorful! I'm impressed (I should try making one)!

Jan said...

Love the new flower sculpture. Will you sell them in your shop? Do think mailing could be a challenge, but my husband loves lawn art. I would buy them. Also love the new quilt you are making. You are so right about the width of the Good Folks fabrics...mine have shrunk to 41 inches at best and I didn't use hot water or anything harsh.