Monday, May 25, 2009

Recipes You Must Try

I love to bake. That's probably why I can't lose these 10-15 pounds. But it makes me happy. I find so much satisfaction in gathering what I have in my pantry, adding a thing or two borrowed from my neighbor, and then creating something yummy.

Lately I've been daydreaming about having my own bakery. Something fun and funky, geared toward kids with mini tables and chairs sets. Bright oil cloth on the tables and different colored fiesta ware plates. I would have a different apron for every day of the week and my girls would "work" with me at the bakery after school. Daydream over.

This weekend we tried this recipe for Colorburst Cupcakes. Super fun and different and they really are as bright as the pictures. They took quite a while to assemble so I'm thinking they're a once or twice a year kind of treat but the kids thought they were really cool so it was totally worth it. Look how happy Tater looks.

I also tried the frosting recipe included with the cupcakes link. The taste was good but I thought the texture was a little funny. I think maybe next time I'll throw my Kitchen Aid mixer bowl in the freezer along with some of the ingredients so everything is really cold when I start mixing.

I also recently made a lemon pound cake using this recipe. I liked that the ingredients were things that I regularly have in my pantry, minus the lemons which I shoplifted from my neighbor. I'm not a huge lemon person but I thought this cake was delicious. Crafty Papa, who really isn't a sweet eater, dug the glaze.

I think this afternoon I'll try to turn a box of yellow cake mix into some kind of yummy glazed cupcakes. Instead of eating them all myself, I'll take them into work tonight and give them to my coworkers. That should make this old lady at least temporarily popular, right?


Marie said...

Ok, so this just confirms I need to make a rainbow cake. I saw a rainbow cake on another blog and now you made those cute cupcakes, so I went and bought the stuff to make it. I did try a recipe tonight from the link you posted for those cupcakes for the Steak and Mango salad and it was delish!!! I would totally come to your bakery...all the way from sounds so cute!

roxybonds said...

Those cupcakes are soooooooo awesome! Definately making them in the summer time with the kids :)