Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simple Summer Totes

I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to work on some simple totes. Something good for library books, snacks for the park, or hauling goodies to a summer vacation play date. Wait, that reminds me...we were at a group dinner last week and there was a family there we had never met. I mentioned something about Tatey having her first solo playdate and the lady flipped about how they don't say the word "play date" in their house. Say what? She went on and on about kids being over scheduled and why can't we just call it "hanging out". Dude, calm down. It was weird. I just kind of stared at her speechless (which only happens a few times a year) and kept my fingers crossed that the two long island ice teas Crafty Papa had had wouldn't lead him to mock her to her face. Ok, diversion over.

Back to the totes. Very different fabrics and different price ranges too. A little something for everyone.

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