Tuesday, May 19, 2009

See, I haven't been completely lazy

I'm finished with my quilt top! I carefully laid out my blocks this afternoon and really couldn't tell whether I screwed up anywhere with the pattern because the whole thing is so funky and crazy, you can only look at it for about 3 seconds before your eyes start to burn.

Doesn't it look pretty on the back of my couch? I think I might make some pillows to coordinate. Crafty Papa is anti-pillow but after nine years of marriage, I think I've earned a throw pillow or two.

This is what I plan on doing with the quilt when it's finished. Except I probably won't use a pacifier and I'll be real sleeping instead of faux sleeping while trying not to laugh like my model.

Unfortunately, I'm all geared up to finish my masterpiece but can't do so right now. I accidentally spent my allowance for June (yes, we give ourselves an allowance, and yes, I gave myself an advance) on tshirts from Lands End. They were on sale for $10 each with free shipping and 3% back through Ebates. I was blinded by the bargain and now I'll have tshirts in every color of the rainbow but another unfinished quilt.

I'm considering listing some inexpensive, no bells and whistles tote bags in my shop. Really pretty fabric but no pockets, special design, or other features. Just something fun and pretty to use for library books, farmers market, diet pepsi, whatever your pleasure. Anyway, they'd be relatively inexpensive and I'm hoping they might spark some sales and I can have a little extra money to finish my quilt sooner rather than later.

And speaking of diet pepsi, I've made the crazy decision to try and give up my refreshing beverage of choice for a month. I know artificial sweeteners are linked to all sorts of bad things and with my pain and sleep issues related to Fibromyalgia, I thought I'd give a diet pepsi hiatus a shot. I don't drink gallons of the stuff, just one a day, but I'm curious to see whether my little experiment yields any results in the way I feel day to day. I'll let you know how my stint as a guinea pig goes.


♡~:nanners:~♡ said...

oh my goodness, I am amazed at your never ending skills! love the quilt, it's awesome!
and you totally made me crack up about the allowance bit...we do the same, and i spend mine almost immediately the first day of the month...makes for a looooong month... ;0

Taiya said...

Your quilt top is gorgeous! Great pattern. Good luck giving up Dr.Pepsi. I gave it up about a month ago. (By gave it up I mean, of course, that I stopped drinking it for about 3 days, then started again) Hope you fair better than I have!

Tonya said...

The quilt top is beautiful! It looks great on the back of your couch.

Definitely give up the Diet Pepsi. Arificial Sweeteners are terrible for you, especially if you have an underlying condition. You are better off just drinking regular Pepsi with real sugar in it. I use Stevia when I need to sweeten something and don't want the extra calories, but mostly I just use good old fashioned raw sugar.

Marie said...

That quilt top is gorgeous!!! Wow Kelci, I love it! Seriously, the colors are just fabulous!

I gave up any and all sodas about 7 years ago and it has done wonders for me...it helped me to lose weight and has improved my health. I don't even crave it anymore and with it out of the house since we don't even buy it, the kids never drink it or ask for it...except for when we go out to dinner, then it's a big treat for them...and even that is limited.

roxybonds said...

That quilt is amazing!!!!! Great job woman!
The tote is super cute too :)

GL with giving up the soda! I have gone a day or 2 here and there without, but am giving it up for good starting next week!

jona said...

That quilt is amazing!!! Seriously wow!!
And yes, get rid of the diet crap (how many skinny people do you see drinking it???). I agree with Tonya, just drink the sugar stuff if you can't quit cold turkey.