Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm not the only crafter in the family.

Bella is obsessed with crafts of any kind. Many days, she comes home from school and works on crafts until bed time. Our dining table is constantly covered with markers, bits of paper, and yards of ribbon. It sometimes drives me crazy but her teacher says she's a gifted artist so I'll go along with it.

This week's big project was Butterfly Girls Spy Club necklaces. All I know is that I gave her a box of my old scrapbooking ribbon and two hours later, she had made little paper tags for a bunch of her friends and was giving me instructions on how to attach them to ribbon to turn them into necklaces. She was totally irritated with me for not finishing them before she went to bed and every time I walked by her room, she would ask me if they were finished yet.

Sadly, my work did not live up to her standards and we're now remaking all of the necklaces. Working for someone so much like myself isn't really going well.

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