Monday, October 15, 2007

Cute and fun or tacky and offensive?

While checking out novelty fabrics on Ebay yesterday, I came across this one which I think is super fun and adorable. But then I started second guessing myself and wondered whether it might be offensive. So, I consulted my friend Lena (when did she become my moral compass) who is as if-y on the fabric as I am. So, do you, my public, find the fabric fun or offensive? Yes, I realize it's not everyone's taste, but if you were out at Trader Joe's and saw someone carrying a bag made from this fabric, would you shout out, "How dare she!"?


Jaron and Jenni said...

i think it is very cute, but can definitely see that it might be offensive to some. I would try it out. :)
I love seeing all your beautiful bags. I am so jealous of your talent!

Andrea said...

I think it's cute too! I might be slow, but I don't see anything offensive about it. I think mommas who are babywearers, might really like this as a tote or diaper bag.