Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lena vs. Shanna, it's war!

Go back a few posts to the red and white custom bag for my friend Lena. Look at the comments. Even though they appear to be nice, I think Shanna and Lena are either competing to be my best customer or my best friend. Maybe both. Notice how I mentioned that this was Lena's fifth bag and then Shanna posted a comment saying she has 3 or 4? Well, guess who just bought the frog bag? That's right, Shanna. So, now the stats are Lena 5 vs. Shanna 4. And Shanna already has her eye on a fifth (the pink and green floral) so I definitely think this is a competition. Shanna's from Arkansas which for whatever reason, makes me think she's feisty (did you guys hear about Gretchen Wilson getting cited on a flight for being too feisty?). Lena does karate (however, she did miss class recently to get her hair did so I don't know how serious she really is). Ladies, please note, in addition to money, I like diet pepsi, chocolate, free babysitting, and scrapbooking stuff.

1 comment:

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Now see . . since you said that was your last froggie bag and I love those adorable froggies . . I had to! {blush}