Thursday, October 25, 2007

Retro Rocket Babies

I don't think I'm supposed to say this (per the laws of etiquette), but I've really been loving my bags lately. I mean, I usually like my work, some more than others, but I've really loved the last 10 or so bags I've done and would love to have kept any of them for myself. Anyway, I love this rocket babies bag. I just want to squeeze their little cheeks. So cute!
Do you see how the shape of the pocket on the front exactly mimics the shape of the bag? I did that intentionally and it actually worked out. That never happens for me! I usually just dive in, try something new and then get really bummed out when it doesn't turn out like I planned.

Anyway, make sure you check back with me this weekend. I'm supposed to be sewing almost all day on Saturday or Sunday so I'm hoping to list at least three new bags this weekend. I've been thinking about listing a few travel wipes/diaper pouches but hubby says to stick to bags. Whatchou think?

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