Friday, December 14, 2007

Could this be any cuter?

Seriously, if you're not smiling while looking at this bag, you need professional help. I'll put you in touch with my friend, Dr. Shana. She's a forensic psychologist so while looking into why your cold heart doesn't love sock monkeys, she can also explore the reasons behind you shoplifting that candy bar from 7Eleven when you were 6.

If it's not gone by Sunday, it's mine. No exceptions. Crafty Mama's in need of a new bag and I have declared that this shall be the one...unless you want to buy it and be entered into my free bag contest:)


Andrea said...

Who took it??!!

I want it!!! WAHHHHH

Shana said...

You are too funny! I agree, anyone who doesn't like it needs professional help...only the kind I can give!