Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yay or nay?

Ok, let me preface this post with several statements.

1. This is the first item of clothing I've made myself other than some pj pants a long time ago.
2. I used $5/yard fabric from Walmart, not exactly the highest in quality.
3. I used a pattern intended for children who have no boobies, tummy, or ass.
4. Looking at these pics, I realize I need a good pair of Spanx.
5. Bella took some of the pics, thus the weird angle. Also, I'm sure it added 20 pounds:)

Ok, all that being said, what do you think? I took the same pattern I used for Bella's dress in the post below and tried to make myself a fancy shirt for hubby's work holiday party. Here's what I don't like...the fabric, kind of bunchy around my tummy, possibly making me look pregnant. Here's what I do like...I made it and it was cheap.

Ok, now leave me your harshest comments. I can take it. I haven't clipped all of the loose threads yet or adjusted the hem. Ugly? Makes me look too fat? I do have a back up so it's not like I'll go into freak out mode if you all say no, no, no.


Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

I think it is adorable . . . but you look a little cold to me! Maybe that is b/c I am wearing a super thick sweater right now and STILL freezing! I say wear it! Love it! Wish I could sew! Hee . .

Andrea said...

I like it too! But maybe paired with a nice skirt? I am not sure I like it with the pants.

Julia said...

I think it's cute! I say wear it!

Kelci said...

Ok, I'm not going to wear it. I decided it takes way too much effort to keep it from bunching up and really isn't flattering. I'm actually way hotter than that in person:) That's a joke, but seriously, I think it makes me look worse/bigger than I actually am. I just really thought it would be fun to wear something I made but I don't think it's going to work out. Thanks for the feedback though!

Julia said...

awww, Kelci! ;) I'm sure it looks great in person. Either way, it's a very cute top!