Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rain=Crappy Pics

I usually take all of my pics on a little old bench in the backyard that gets lots of natural light. But, it's raining and gloomy here today so I was stuck taking them in my front doorway. I really don't think the pics show off the bag well so I'll retake them outside once the rain goes away. Anyway, looking at the pics makes me want to paint my front door. I've always wanted a deep red. Our house is white with tan trim. Yay or nay on the red? Any other ideas?


Julia said...

the purse is beautiful!!

Since I can't see the rest of your house, I don't know. But i always thought red doors looked cool!!

Julia said...
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lena rushing said...

eh hem... where is the pic of the totally cute bag you made yesterday? shouldn't my bag be a celebrity like the others?