Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A few programming notes

We'll be out of town for a few days so no shipping for me until Monday. However, if you order a bag tonight, I'll make sure it ships before I leave tomorrow. And don't get any crazy ideas about robbing my house while we're gone. 1) We're surrounded by old people who do nothing but watch our house all day. Seriously, at least once a week I hear, "Were you guys gone last night? We didn't see your car." Or, "Did Steve have to work late last night? Didn't look like he was home at his usual time." Dave apparently doesn't sleep at night and comes out to smoke at 3am so a night time raid will be too risky as well. And 2) We have nothing of value besides our new mechanical pony, Butterscotch. If you'd like to steal her, let me know and I'll leave her on my front porch.

I just got some new fabrics today and am hitting up a Joann's tomorrow that is closing so hopefully I'll find some more good deals. I'm planning to sew all day on Sunday and will have some new bags to list just in time for the end of my free bag contest. You can scroll down for details or check my store homepage for more info. In a nutshell, give me all your Christmas money, receive a bag, get entered to win a free bag.


lena rushing said...

leave said pony on porch.
-hannah j. rushing esquire

lena rushing said... the spirit of fairness(and because i know you like your blogger friends better than me)may i suggest a u tube, semi live drawing for the free bag..otherwise you'll cheat and give it to shana..crap,did i type that out loud

Shana said...

Hmm...did you mean ShanNa or Shana? Either way I'll take the free bag...LOL!!! I did enjoy your blog about being out of town...your neighbors somehow sound very

Kelci said...

I think she means Shanna. Although you've been nice enough to purchase 2 bags from me, Shanna is approaching double digits, giving Lena some fierce competition.

lena rushing said...

i stand corrected,it's shanna. cheese n rice (not to be confused w/ jesus christ) you actually have an internet friend for every spelling of every name...i need to start blogging,i'm starting to feel unpopular.