Sunday, December 2, 2007

So pleased with this

Ok, more like, so pleased with myself:) Seriously, I was so happy with this but didn't get the "wow, how adorable!" reaction I wanted from Steve and Bella so I had to march her over to the neighbors and fish for compliments. The whole thing only cost about $5 ($3 Walmart t-shirt and $2 in clearance fabrics). Love the cute little chicky on the t-shirt, inspired by my favorite Heidi Grace stamps.
I wish I could have gotten better pictures of her. She was in a posing mood but couldn't stand still long enough for me to get some good shots. And a big thank you to my cyber friend Jona who totally inspired this outfit with her creations.
And for the record, I so didn't tell her to pose like that. She was flying all over the front yard like a freaking fairy, vogue-ing here and there.
Now that I've finally gotten my serger tension settings where I want them, I want to spend the rest of the weekend sewing clothes:) Maybe something for myself for a change. Hmmmm, don't think I have that much fabric though:(


Andrea said...

Very cute! Love the little chick! How adorable! Looks like Bella is feeling better too.

jona said...

Isn't that adorable!!?? That fabric is so cute and the chicky is so happy looking. Bella certainly looks perkier too.

I'm thoroughly convinced that a great seamstress with a good eye for design can take cheap fabric and turn it into something fantastic, and you just proved my point!

Kelci said...

Awwwww Jona, you totally made me smile. Thanks for the inspiration.