Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby Fair Wrap Up

Crafty Papa has forbidden me from working today but he can't keep me from blogging.

Yesterday's baby fair was a lot of fun and I think I can call it a success for me. After stressing all week and not being able to sleep on Friday night, I was very happy with how my booth looked. I think I had just the right amount of "stuff", not too full and not too empty. Bags sold really well and I got lots of positive feedback. I busted my ass on Friday making more burp cloths and onesies but those didn't do nearly as well as I expected.

I don't think some of these new moms know what they're in for. They kept saying, "Ooooo, this sock monkey onesie is so cute but I already have a ton of onesies." Yeah, your little poop and slobber machine will go through five onesies some days. You can never have to many.

Crafty Papa worked the booth with me all day and as helpful as he was, I don't know if I can take him again. First, he loooooooves pregnant ladies. Like, when he has a pregnant woman come into the shop, I have to hear all about it when he gets home from work. He had this stupid smile on his face all day. I think he was in heaven with all the beautiful, round bellies every where. Second, he ran into four gorgeous women that happen to be his customers. I'm starting to wonder whether he really works in an automotive repair shop. Seriously, this one model-beautiful woman with kind of reddish hair and a Cindy Crawford mole walked up to my booth and Crafty Papa said, "Hey, how's it going?" and she took off her glasses and said, "I know you from somewhere." I just kept looking back and forth between them thinking, "What in the hell is going on here?".

I'm going to spend the day scrapbooking, maybe sewing some stuff for the family, and just hanging out while Crafty Papa waits on me:) I'll be back to work tomorrow morning with a big shop inventory update.

Ooooo, and guess what I came across this morning while cleaning up under my sewing table? This quilt I started like six freakin years ago! I so want to finish it but I just don't know whether I can dedicate that much time to a project right now and I really can't remember how to make it. I have little baggies with all of the remaining pieces precut but I can't remember at all how to put them together.


Marie said...

Everything looks so nice Kelci! I love that you used fabric to cover the tables on top of the other tablecloths. Great idea! I had to zoom in on some of those pics to see if you had anything new. :)
Hmmm...maybe Crafty Papa could be helping bring the ladies in???
Looks like you had fun!

roxybonds said...

CONGRATS my dear!!!! Looks like a great set up!
Did you get my email last week?????

jona said...

SOOOOO beautiful!!! Every thing looks so pretty, it's like a little party!

I think Marie may be right with her looking-on-the-bright-side idea of Crafy Papa being a babe (with money) magnet. I would definitely consider stitching up a cute little collar and leash for him though (just so they get the hint).

Anonymous said...

I think he needs a t-shirt to match you and the girls that says, "Crafty Papa"...that should handle it;) Super cute booth, Kelci!

Tonya said...

Your display looked great! And I agree about the onesies, you can never have too many!

LOL about Crafty Papa loving pregnant women, so does my dh. Thank goodness for me, considering I am pregnant quite often LOL

Tine said...

You should finish that quilt, it is gorgeous! And everything you are selling looks wonderful. Bet those tables were empty buy the end of the day :-)