Friday, May 9, 2008

I want to be Mrs. Halpert

This has absolutely nothing to do with sewing or my business. I want to marry Jim Halpert. Did you guys watch "The Office" last night? I love him more every week. I'm not kidding when I say that I totally forget about the fact that he's not a real person when I'm watching. When he kissed Pam last night and then grabbed her and kissed her again, I was ready to hand Steve divorce papers. I know there are several problems with my plan to marry him. First, I'm married and have children. I do love Crafty Papa and enjoy being with him and the girls so long term, it might be hard to leave them behind. Second, Jim is in love with Pam and I don't know how I could break that up. Lastly, he's not real-I think this is the biggest issue with my plan. Also, there are 10 million other women who want to marry him.

So, my more realistic plan is for the real life Jim and Pam, John and Jenna, to fall in love and get married. She's separated from her husband and I believe he's single again (did you know he was dating that wench, Karen in real life?). It wouldn't be as good as being Mrs. Halpert but it could be a good second place.

Thoughts on the season finale? I think Jim is definitely going to propose (to Pam, not me). Some people think she's going to hesitate and we won't get her answer until next season. But really, is there any doubt that she'll say yes? I've heard that some people thought she seemed weird when he was joking about an engagement a few weeks ago but I didn't see it. Then that whole art school thing came up last night but if he proposed and she said she wanted to go to art school, he loves her so much he'd pack up right away and go with her. Am I giving this too much thought? Should I be making my bed right now and reminding myself this is tv? Maybe I should be focusing on finding real life friends instead of a tv boyfriend.


Amy said...

Hilarious post! I too love watching those two together - but your right she will hesitate! That way we are sure to tune back in next fall. Happy Mother's Day.

Jennifer said...

you are too funny. Remember that if you and Jim did not work out, you could always hook up with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs or the post man right?
I absolutely think he will propose and we will not get her answer until next season. Sucks. What am I going to do all summer while I wait? I guess we will have to watch all the dvds.

Tonya said...

ROFLOL I love Jim too, I think he is adorable. I love him and Pam together.
Sorry your fantasy doesn't seem to be working out LOL