Friday, May 23, 2008

I don't know if I can make it through the weekend

Both my laptop battery and charger are dead. I got a new battery yesterday but it's useless without the charger which won't be here until next week. We still have the desktop but you have to walk a full 25 steps to get to it and you don't get to sit in the recliner while typing so it sort of takes the fun out of the internet. I don't know if I'll be able to pull myself together for "Friday Favorites" today but you guys should still do it. Oh, and I don't have any of my links on this computer so I can't check out my regular blogs...Jona, Tonya, Marie, Shanna, Kristi, Jenni, Portabello Pixie Sandi...don't post anything interesting until Wednesday.

Before I go, can someone tell me why sales are so slow for me the last 1-2 weeks? I thought I had listed some really fabulous bags. I mean, I thought for sure the black and turquoise one would go over night. And this one I listed yesterday features a fabulous brooch.

Maybe I have too much in my shop? Maybe I should take a little break?


Kristi said...

Pooh! I did my Friday Favorites! I really like that idea. Hey..that bag is pretty sweet, too!

Andrea said...

I love your bags! And Lori bought the one I've been oogling for a while. But the reason *I* have not bought anything recently, is not because they are not up to par, but because I am BROKE ASS!!! And I think maybe with the economy going down the shitter, people are not spending moola as freely?? I know I am not.

jona said...

I think it's because everyone is busy with end-of-school activities like graduations, etc.
People will be back and shopping for their summer wardrobes real soon. And I know the gas prices are awful but a gal will walk where she needs to go before she'll give up her purse habit!

Anonymous said...

It's the economy. My website has been suffering for a couple of months already! Hang in there....hopefully things will be looking up sooner rather than later! Natalie Stewart Graham