Saturday, May 3, 2008

Market Tote: Yay or Nay?

Here in California, everyone has a market tote. All grocery and big box stores are required to offer a reusable bag to their shoppers and really, I don't know why anyone would use disposable bags anymore. Anyway, I've recently been getting requests for a market tote and came up with this this morning.

It's about the same size as the red Trader Joe's bags so it holds quite a big of stuff. I made it from cute vintage-look oilcloth so you can easily wipe up any spills. I think it's very versatile - good for shopping, farmers market, the beach, park, etc. - and folds up nice and small for storage in your car.

The only thing I don't like is the price. I would have to charge $18 per bag and I just think that's too much. But, I'm listing it here for your thoughts. Maybe some people think the bag is cute enough and versatile enough to justify the price. Leave me your brutally honest feedback.


Marie said...

$18 sounds reasonable for a market tote made from oilcloth, as long as it's pretty big, which yours looks like it is. For me, if I'm going to buy a reusable market tote, I want it to be fairly large. I've seen some on Etsy ranging between $15-$42, so it's pretty comparable. Is yours lined? I think the wrong side of oilcloth can be wiped down too if I remember correctly. Plus, I like the canvas handles you used (it's canvas right?). Hope this helps. I might buy it for $18 if it was a little bigger and shipping was low, but I'm cheap okay!

Anonymous said...

I'd buy it for $18 if you listed it on Etsy right now! And, I might buy them as gifts, too, because everybody is using these types of bags and some of your fabulous $36+ bags might be too much for some gifts I need to give. This would be great. You could make the little pouches to match, too, like you had listed a little while back. Perfect for the beach/pool! Oh, and I just had a thought that I cannot really justify buying any more of your other bags right now, because my closet it overflowing with bags and general, but I am really needing some more "resusable" market bag type of bags, so could therefore justify the purchase of a few of these cuties:)
--Natalie Stewart Graham

Anonymous said...

I would pay that price...I think it's a cute bag and a good idea... they haven't caught on to reusable bags here in Mo. Yet.

Myra (ScrapinBoat)

Staci said...

Ohhh I say go for it! I'm definitely in :)