Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bella-approved Creation

I've done lots of sewing for the girls in the last week, including my first Anna Wrap Dress. As Jona promised, it came together quick and easy. I was confused by the directions so I just put everything together on my own and realized when I was finished that I had screwed up the apron tie attachment but it's still functional so I'll cut myself some slack.

Quality of fabric definitely makes a difference on this one. I used cheap Walmart fabric and I really think it's too stiff and just doesn't hang well. But, Bella picked it out and REALLY wanted a Tinkerbelle dress so we compromised. She got to choose the fabric, I chose the style, and she showed slight appreciation. She's wearing another outfit made by mom today and I'll post pics of that later.

And be sure to check out my shop today. I just added a few new bags (you may recognize them...they're oldies that didn't sell in the boutique) and my 15% off $35 or more is good through the end of the month.


Denise said...

Very cute, and lovely colors.

Kristi said...

you have quite the model on your hands!

jona said...

It looks darling and she obviously loves it!! Sometimes cheap fabric is okay! Not often mind you, but sometimes.

keels&peanut said...

Very Cute Dress Kelci...love the green and purple together!!