Thursday, June 26, 2008


First, let me say, I was going to not blog for like a week so that my fabulous zipper bag would be the top post for several days and eventually, every crafter in the world would learn of my success. But, I've decided to sacrifice and share some fabulous swap items that were received this week.

First, the bag that Connie made for Cindy. Can you believe how great this came out? I'm trying to figure out why Connie is one of my biggest customers when she can obviously sew in a zipper much more successfully than I can. Cindy said her favorite color was orange and Connie found this bright and funky batik to use for her bag. Cindy told me she loves it!

Then, a bag Cindy made for Lori. Cindy is a wonderful seamstress who makes really elaborate, theater quality costumes for her family at Halloween. Oooooo, and coordinating flannel pj pants for their Christmas card picture. How cute is that! I've gotten to see pics of some of her amazing projects over the years and think she would do really well on Etsy. Maybe I can get her to send me a picture of the cutest little ballerina tutu bag she made last year.

Now, lets shift the focus back to me and my zipper success:) I was so excited, I had to give the zipper another stab last night and I think I was able to improve upon the bag I made for myself. I made a cute pink and brown zippered bag that I'll list in my shop later today, once I decide whether it needs an accent pin to finish it off.

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