Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two New Projects

First, an item for a swap on a scrapbooking board I go to. My person wanted something to hang on her kitchen wall that was red and aqua and shabby chic. I decided to make a magnetic message board and was so happy with the results, I plan to make one for my own kitchen.

I was at Walmart this morning and saw this absolutely adorable animal print and had to have it. I had been thinking about making my first rag quilt for a friend's baby and decided this flannel would be perfect. It came together really easily and only took 2-3 hours. And as a bonus, the flannel was only about $3/yard so my cost was only $12 for a cute, handmade baby gift. I'm thinking about making a few for the shop and see how they do. Walmart has some seriously cute flannel, including lots of stuff for boys which is hard to come by.

The girls seem really excited about the fraying on the blanket so I'm thinking about making them each one for Christmas. We decided a few years ago to drastically scale down on our Christmas spending. Each kid gets three gifts - one from each other, one from us, and one from Santa - and a few small stocking stuffers. I love the idea of the gift from mommy and papa being a handmade blanket that they could keep for a long time as opposed to a toy they grow out of in a few months. And bonus, we're planning to buy bunk beds for them at the beginning of the year so they'll be due for new bed blankets anyway. I can totally kill two birds with one stone. I'm rambling.


Lori G. said...

I love them both! The blanket is adorable!

Carolyn J. said...

I made raggedy blankets for my girls several years ago for Christmas.....they still love them, my oldest even took her's to college. I sometimes back them with fleece, it doesn't fray but it sure is cuddly and you don't need to add batting for that puffy look.
Have fun making your little ones smile.
Carolyn J.

Marie said...

I love that rag blanket! I've been wanting to make one for my girls too...but they already have blankets they're attached to. Maybe I will anyways.

I love the magnetic board. You should sell those too if it's not too much work.

keels&peanut said...

WOOHOO!! I just got back from Canada and checked out your board. I was the lucky ducky who got the rag blanket. THANK YOU KECLI!! I LOVE IT!! DH thought it was Super Cool too!! DS knew it was for the baby but asked if the baby would let him borrow it was too cute!!