Sunday, June 15, 2008


First, I'm extending the "June Special" through the end of the month. Spend $35 or more and get 15% off your entire purchase. I'm sure you haven't noticed, but the economy is in the crapper. You need a discount and I need income.

Second, and totally random, any "Gilmore Girls" fans out there? I used to watch the show every Tuesday night and then kind of gave up during the last season because it just go to be too dramatic with Luke and Lorelai and I hated Logan. We stopped by the library yesterday so I could find some good movies to watch/listen to while I sew (yeah, you need to get to your library much more often if you didn't realize they have a good movie selection) and I picked up season one of "Gilmore Girls". I've been watching it all day, just what my husband wanted to do for Father's Day...not. Anyway, I realized that I had no idea how the show ended so I hopped on Television Without Pity to read a recap. Holy Crap! It's one well written recap and I was totally teary eyed. Naturally, I went on the library's website and put a hold on season 7 so I can really ball my eyes out. Do towns like Stars Hollow really exist? I want to move somewhere like that...and have a man like Luke running the little cafe, that's really key to my dream.

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Marie said...

Gilmore Girls was my favorite show. I was so disappointed when it ended, but I think it was about time anyways. You really missed a good end to the show if you didn't see it. I cried like a baby, even my hubby thought it was good. The more I think about it, you remind me a lot of Lorelai. I picture your humor and conversations to be very similar to hers. She always cracked me up! I think a town like Stars Hollow does exist...just haven't found it yet.