Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Fabulous Swap Items

This is what Marie sent to Jenni. How freakin cute are those dish towels?! I'm totally going to borrow that idea for the girls' bathroom. And the apron is fabulous too! Great job Marie! And how cute is Jenni?! We met through our husbands about 3 years ago and have become great friends. We have a lot in common and our husbands joke that we're morphing into the same person. We're about the same height and weight (ok, truthfully, she's done way better sticking with her weight watchers plan than I have so she's about 10 pounds lighter than me now...and that's all I have to say about that:( ), dress fairly similarly, she chopped off her hair so we have virtually the same cut now, she used to wear glasses that were like mine...kind of freaky. Anyway, she is the nicest person and so easy to get along with. I only get to see her every few months but we usually spend the whole weekend chattering away. They're coming to visit next month and I'm so looking foward to seeing my wonderful friend.

I got my items today from Tonya and they are beyond wonderful. I'll post pics as soon as Crafty Papa gets home and can photograph me modeling them. I'm so loving seeing the results of this swap. Hopefully everyone will be up for a holiday themed swap in a few months.


Tonya said...

Y'all do look alike! Marie did a wonderful job on the apron and the dishtowels are so stinkin cute!!!

Marie said...

I agree, you two bare a striking resemblance. It's always so nice to have a friend you can have nonstop chatter with. Have a fun get together soon! I always get nervous doing swaps like this wondering if the reciever will like what I made...hopefully she did, either way, she looks darn cute in the apron.