Monday, June 16, 2008


My niece, who just graduated from 8th grade, has a birthday coming up soon and as resident gift picker-outer in the Crafty Family, I've decided to give her a glass tile necklace from Etsy. I'm having trouble deciding, mostly because I want one for myself but we're on a money spending freeze right now (I think I'm going to post about the freeze later this week. Maybe share some of my money saving tips and have a give away for the person who shares the most helpful tip or something like that).

Anyway, back to the necklaces...which one is best for a young teen? Maybe Tonya and Jona and anyone else with daughter's near this age group can ask their opinions. I love them really, really love them and want to sell one of my possessions so I can buy one...but don't know whether I'm doing a good job of looking at them for a teenager versus my own taste. I mean, I am just a few months shy of being a 30 year old old lady:)







Kristi said...

Well, I would buy the last one! BUT, I am a mother to two boys (neither of which are teenagers) AND a 30-year old "lady".

Jennifer said...

I agree.. number 5 or #4. Love those vibrant colors. I too am a 30 year old lady so i dont know if my opinion is good for much!

Lori said...

I like #1 or #2, but I'm 30-ish, even further from a teenager so don't listen to me!

They are all cute though.

Anonymous said...

#1 for sure. My niece is 12. Only #1 would be acceptable. Pink & Brown are a really big deal. The other definitely look a bit more mature:) I LOVE them I have to search for one of these for myself!

Marie said...

My favorite is #1 for sure. I knew it as soon as I saw it. I'm further away from 30 then everyone else, so my opinion counts most. :)

Tonya said...

Hmmm, my OLD 37 year old self likes the first two, but I am thinking my 12 year old will like the last two. I will ask her when she wakes up and report back : )

Those are really cool, where on Etsy did you find them?

jona said...

Okay, I love the simplicity of #3 with just a dragonfly on blue because it would look great with most anything (but that's me thinking like a grownup probably). But I think 4 and 5 have great colors and spunky designs so a teenager would love them. Teenagers don't stop to consider whether something would match most of their clothes, they just want it.

Tonya said...

Ok, I asked my 3 girls.

Savannah, 8 picked number 4

Isabella, 10 picked number 1 and

Sydney, 12 picked number 2

I guess that doesn't help much LOL Sydney is the closest in age, so I guess put more weight in her answer.

tough jelly said...

I just had to post on these. You probably already decided which one but I asked my 13 year old. She thought they were cool. Just a note though, my daughter and her friends are not big fans of pink flowery stuff.

Anyways, I really enjoy your blog and your sewing creations. Thanks