Monday, August 25, 2008


Is everyone else who did the early bird order with Heather Bailey's new store still waiting for their fabric?

I'm at maximum frustration level right now. First, I feel like I was mislead about it being an "early bird" special. I thought the early bird applied to getting the fabric early, not getting to order early and then sit around for over a month waiting for my order. Yes, my fault for not reading the tiny print in the store's side bar. After ordering, I see orders won't start to ship until 8/14 and it will take several days. Well, 11 days later and my order is still being "processed". So not worth the 10% discount. I really want to cancel my order and go through Fabritopia but I'm worried about getting the credit in a timely manner.

Just hoping the rest of you are waiting too. Misery loves company.


HandbagsbyJen said...

I ordered a pattern the day the shop opened. I have not seen it yet either. I am frustrated as well. I think that she listed things waaaay to early.

Marie said...

I am also anxiously awaiting my order. My sister and I ordered together to take advantage of the freebies and I've been thinking that it's taking too long to get here. But I had an issue with my order and Heather responded quickly and fixed things, so I'm not as mad about it. But I still want my order!

Kelci said...

So, I had decided I would just cancel and give Jona my business as I should have in the first place. Well, even though it hasn't shipped it's "too far along in the process" to cancel.
Grrrrr again!