Friday, August 22, 2008

Hoot! Hoot!

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that owls are all the rage right now (does saying "all the rage" make me sound old? I am almost 30, you know). They're in fabric, scrapbooking, clothing...everywhere! I've been wanting to create an owl applique but really wanted something whimsical yet simple so I could keep the costs down.

I used a nightgown I bought for Bella as inspiration and came up with this little guy. I'm really happy with the design and at only $11.99, I think the onesies are a great bargain. Make sure to check out the owl poll on the right.


roxybonds said...

great job! LOVE it!
non-fall colors and 6-9 mo and call it a sale ;)

jona said...

Those are so cute!! I love your fabrics and the button eyes.

Dana Nichols said...

I LOVE him! I would love to have him on a purse for me!