Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pumpkins Gone Wild

Seriously. That really is the name of this fabric line from Moda.

I bought a charm pack (or whatever it's called) from my local quilt shop today, I think mostly because I liked the name. Crafty Papa came home for lunch and said, "Can you actually use that?". Huh? You mean there are people out there who buy more fabric than they could ever use? Are you detecting the sarcasm?

Anyway, he's working late tonight so I may solidify my bid for Mother of the Year 2008 by parking the kids in front of their second movie of the day while I go in and whip up something with these little squares just to prove Crafty Papa wrong. Ooooo, maybe they could make a cute little border on a twirl skirt? Or a funky patchwork bag? Someone here needs to do some homework for me and find uses for these little 5 inch squares.

Oh, and you can see I stole the above image from Fat Quarter Shop. They have some really cute stuff I've never seen before and I like to think I frequent my local shops and my regular online places enough to have seen virtually every fabric out there. Some of it's a little more cutesy than I normally do but how could you not love these snowmen? I collect snowmen. Go ahead and make a note of that now so you'll know what to get me at Christmas time.


Lima Bean said...

I just bought this on Etsy,
and have been looking for fabric to use to make it for myself. This line seems really cute for that. Maybe I'll have to check it out. It's a great pattern for a cute skirt.

I'm sure you'll make something really cute with the fabric. And I know all about buying more fabric than I can use. . .

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Is that an 'owl' in that one piece? I see black 'eyes', but I could be wrong . . . LOL!

Gretchen said...

Cute fabric! I collect snowmen too! I agree it's a tad cutesy for a purse, but I can picture a cute little snowman onesie or something. Fun stuff!

Dana Nichols said...

I have skirts in the works for my dgd using the Merry
Church Mouse "charming" skirt tutorial. Would you believe that these are the very charm packs that I bought for her Halloween and winter skirts?? I think they will be so cute!