Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another little cutie

Whipped up this mini twirl set this morning and couldn't be happier with it. A little bit funky and a little bit sweet. And it totally got the stamp of approval from Matea. She came and snatched the skirt away from my sewing table while I was working on the onesie and sat down to put it on. I took a few pics of her in it, you know, to add to the cuteness factor in my listing. I really do think it looks damn cute on her and is totally least that's what she told me. I have enough fabric to do this in a smaller size if you love it but need it smaller.

And yes, that's a big bruise on her face. As though I'm not already bummed out enough, this morning I was wearing Steve's ginormous size 11 slippers that I love, she tripped over one, and face planted into a bar stool leg. Crap.


keels&peanut said...

That is absolutely adorable! What a little ham you have there. Man if I knew I was having a girl I would scoop this up in a heartbeat.

Julia said...

so cute, Kelci! i should save it for my little girl!