Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hot Damn!

What a good day. And it's only 2:30! Here are all of the awesome things that have happened thus far:

1. Stepped on the scale this morning to find that I've dropped 5 pounds since starting counting Weight Watchers points about 10 days ago. I am now able to comfortably fit back into my favorite juicy booty jeans that Crafty Papa dried on high two weeks ago and thus ruining them because I could no longer come close to zipping them.

2. Got yet another delivery of fabric. Really bright, fun colors that I can't wait to work with.

3. Sold two bags just over an hour after listing them. Now I really have to get my ass in gear though so I'll have enough for the boutique.

4. Got a call from my friend Lena asking if my fam wanted to eat at Applebee's with her fam tonight. Her husband's pretty easy on the eyes, our kids have fun together, and Crafty Papa gets along well with them. Add to that the fact that they have Weight Watchers meals on the menu and I think I'm in for a good night.

5. Lastly, I got yet another bag done today that I think is just adorable. It's the most beautiful shade of vivid green and super functional with lots of pockets and a practical, heavy duty black cotton webbing strap.

1 comment:

lena rushing said...

umm...yeah,that dinner ddnt exactly go as planned,where the children sit and talk quietly amongst themselves while we ramble on about grown up things, laughing,smiling and checking out each others husbands. instead i drooled over the big corn fed hunky waiter and played ,"lets see who can be the quietest" game so that the other patrons wouldn't complain about our two little monkeys jumping in the booth. still, i had fun, but for a rock hard ass like you (HA HA HA ) it was probably torture ( :..did crafty papa have fun?