Friday, January 4, 2008

Why bother?

We have a huge storm blowing through town right now so I was forced to take pictures inside. I wasn't even going to bother listing the bag today because the pictures really don't do it justice, but the wind and rain are supposed to be here through the weekend so it's now or never...or now or Monday, I guess, but you get what I mean.

This one is generously sized, a little bigger than my usual listings, and perfect for a mom of two or more or a mom of a newborn.

And Matea can't handle having the camera around and not having her picture taken so she hopped up on the bench as soon as I stopped holding her back with my foot. Someone should find out why she's still in her pj's even though it's 5:00 pm.

And check back later tonight for the sweetest and smallest little twirl set ever. Remember that cute pink bear fabric I bought last month and didn't know how I would use it? Well, on a whim I decided to make the tiniest skirt ever, complete with pink tulle trim and a matching onesie with an adorable bear applique.

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bellamariedesigns said...

Hi there-
I've been checking out your Etsy site lately and I love your bags! I especially love the Heather Bailey bag with the birdie applique (and Yes, I love the birdie appliques!) and was so disappointed it was sold. I didn't even see it in the listings, I was just browsing the sold section and there it was {sigh}...anyways, your daughter is too cute for words, that smile just makes you melt. She reminds me a bit of my children...well, I look forward to more new bags and I love reading your blog, your sense of humor really cracks me up!