Monday, January 21, 2008

Lots to share

We had out of town guests this weekend so I'm behind on my blogging, sewing, pretty much everything. My friend Jenni was here and we had so much fun talking about our different crafty projects, things we want to make, etc. Anyway, here's what I know today...

1. I was looking at my business card the other day and it says " for mamas and babies". I'm not really making much for the babies. I mean, I have a few outfits listed but other than that, the babes really haven't been getting much attention so I'm going to start listing more bibs, burp cloths, onesies, etc.

2. I ordered about 20 different yards of new fabric this weekend, no thanks to you guys. Not one of you left me a comment about colors, patterns, etc. you're looking for or into right now so you may hate all my choices and I won't care.

3. I have had the most fabulous opportunity fall into my lap. A lady who owns a local baby/home design boutique found my stuff on Etsy, liked it and we had a "meeting" on Friday. She's going to carry my items in her adorable shop, have a trunk show for me in a few months, and in a few weeks, my bags and baby stuff will be displayed in her front window! I am beyond excited. I'm also working on some other projects with her that I think will be a lot of fun. Anyway, I may not be listing quite as much on Etsy in the coming weeks because I'll be saving some fabulous items for her store.

I really need to work on getting labels for my bags and clothing items. I have already ordered some really simple labels for my bags but need to figure out what to do about clothing. My friend sent me a link to the person she buys labels from but I need to come up with a design. So, if anyone reading this has a cute idea for a clothing label that says "Crafty Mama Creations", 2" wide by 1" tall, go ahead and whip that up for me and send me the jpeg. Gracias.

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keels&peanut said...

Congrats Kelci. I am soooo excited for you with your new venture. Sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to get your name/bags out there. Keep us posted as to how it goes!! Good Going Girl!!