Monday, July 14, 2008

Back in Action

I'm really trying to get back to a more consistent sewing schedule including sewing a few evenings per week. Partly because I could use the income, partly because it gives me a break from my constant chatterbox companions, and partly because it keeps my mind off of kettle corn (sort of - I'm actually planning on making a batch as soon as the little ladies go to sleep, I don't like to share).

Whipped up these two creations tonight. I think the purse is a little too small but I frequently get requests for smaller purses so hopefully it'll suit someone out there. I really have no concept anymore of just carrying your wallet, keys, and phone. And the little peasant top features one of my favorite color combos - chocolate, cream, and red. These tops have been selling quickly so if you likes it, you needs to buy it fast.

1 comment:

Lima Bean said...

That's a cute style for a fun, casual bag. How did you make the handles? They are so unique.