Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wallet Watchin' Wednesday

I know, it's Thursday now. I meant to type this last night but I got to the last hundred pages of the book I was reading and couldn't stop. I get really emotionally invested in a good book and can't walk away from it toward the end. If you're looking for a good book to read right now, I definitely recommend Certain Girls.

So, that leads me to my money saving tip for the day...visit your library. You may be thinking the library is just for nerds and old people but you'll be surprised to find it's not.

First, the can get free books. I like to start a new book as soon as I finish one so this does require some planning but I've learned to use the system's hold feature. I rarely do any searching at the library and instead do all of my homework at home so when I go in, I know exactly where I'm going and what to look for. And even if your library is small, they're networked with the other libraries in your county so they can transfer materials within a week or so. This book has been ordered from the manufacturer by my library and I've already put a hold on it. I like to read newer books and thought that I'd have to wait a year to get them. Nope. Certain Girls just came out a few months ago, I finally got around to putting a hold on it and had it within a few weeks.

Entertainment. A few things to talk about here. First, the library has a great selection of dvds. Did you know that? They're not the newest movies but because they're free, you'll find yourself watching movies you might not normally pick out and you may actually find a few you like. Another fun area is the kid's section. Ours is pretty tiny and sparse but they do have a puzzle table that can entertain the kids for a half hour or so and then there's also story time twice a week. And my newest form of library entertainment...looking at the ancient sewing books. Ok, not necessarily ancient but from the 1970-80's. I looked up some sewing books in the library's computer system and laughed out loud when I found them on the shelf. Plaid fabric, big peter pan collars, lace, etc. Good fun.

Air conditioning. We had a big heat wave here a month ago and our house was 94 degrees. I ditched the fam and hung out in the library and cooled off. I learned that tip from the old people:)

So, in the spirit of reading and free stuff, I have two books to give away to two different people. First two to email me get one (

The Year of Fog

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

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