Sunday, July 20, 2008


I've mentioned before that I don't really know how to sew. I just have learned to make some great bags. If you've doubted me, you'll be convinced at my lack of ability when I tell you that I just learned that my sewing machine can sew on a button for me. Fascinating! I think this is something most machines can do but it was news to me...and apparently, not news to Crafty Papa. Here was our conversation this morning:

me: Steve! Did you know my sewing machine can stitch on a button for me?! Not a buttonhole (which I just learned to do a few weeks ago), a real button! Stitches it right on!

Steve: Yeah.

me: (Pointing at the button on this bag and shaking it in his face) No, I don't think you understand, it actually stitches the button right on for you. Like, you set the button on, and then it stitches. This button right here, do you see it? My machine stitched it on. Are you looking? Do you see it?

Steve: Yeah. I think I knew that.

me: Oh. Ok.

I guess this is what I should expect from a man whose mother is an expert seamstress, but still, disappointing.

Anyway, here is the fabulous bag with the machine stitched button. I LOVE it! Love the fabric, love the shape, love the button. Buy it now, it's stunning in person! And, don't forget that you'll be entered to win this month's free bag give away:)

I'm working on another Garden Party purse featuring an adorable dotted birdie applique. But, I gave up sewing this afternoon to watch "Becoming Jane" (wonderful, by the way) instead so I'll have to get motivated to finish the birdie bag later tonight.


Jenni said...

i absolutely love that bag! It is gorgeous!! Yes, you are a dork. I knew a sewing machine could stich on a button, but since my machine is from the 1920's, it fails to do that fascinating thing. :)

Amy said...

Beautiful! I've been learning all the fun stuff I can do with my machine too - they don't all sew buttons :)

Gretchen said...

Oooo, those are gorgeous!! I never knew they could sew buttons on, but I've really only used one like twice in my life. Is there a way to make it sew a straight line by itself, because I can't even do that!