Saturday, July 19, 2008

Retro Apron

I got a custom order for an apron using the same fabrics that Tonya used on the apron she made for me. I'm happy with how it turned out and am debating making a few to sell in my shop but I think the price might be too high. I would need to sell them for $30-35. Would you buy one?

Oh, and I cut my head off in the pics because I was without shower, hair, or makeup and looked particularly gross.

Do you see my huge tomato plants in the background? And the gnomes laying on the ground behind me, trying to look up my apron?


Kristi said...

Damn that's cute! I will definitely buy an apron or two from you in the future (after a paycheck or two, ya know) to wear in my Nutrition classes.

jona said...

You should definitely do aprons and sell them high! I've seen them do very well on etsy.

Marie said...

That apron is adorable! I personally don't think I could pay that much for an apron, although I totally understand why you would need to charge that much-they take a lot of time and more fabric than you think. You've gotta get paid for your time and effort-but I think a lot of gals on Etsy will definitely have no problem snatching those up from you.

Tonya said...

Very cute! Jona can sure pick out great fabric combinations. I think that is a very decent price for an apron.