Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Suck. I believe my right eye might just fall out of my head, it hurts so bad. I've done coffee, water, excedrin, ice, heat, hot bath, nap (really just resting my eyes, I can't ever turn off my thoughts long enough to relax and nap). I've even managed to turn down Bella's volume for the last hour or so but that hasn't helped.

So, no new listing this afternoon but if I can shake the pain, I'm hoping to sew tonight.

And, I gave in and ordered some Pop Garden fabric from Jona at Fabritopia. I decided to make Bella a "first day at her new preschool outfit" and thought Pop Garden was the perfect collection. Of course, I bought 4 yards and will only use a small fraction of that on the princess so hopefully you'll all get a little break from the Garden Party bags next week and I can move on to a Pop Garden obsession.


jona said...

Oh Kelci. I hope you get some relief soon. Do you have a chiropractor?? Sometimes when I can tell a bad headache is coming I'll have Joey crack my back (he's not a chiro but he know how) and it usually helps.

Kristi said...

Oh, I feel your pain. No meds? Hope it's a quick one.

Betsy said...

Check out www.kirchnerheadacheclinic.com There is a link to a food/diet chart....hope this helps, it has helped my friend who has severe migrains.

Anonymous said...

Hope your migraine is gone by now! I have been searching on Etsy for anyone making the Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag, then it occurred to me that I should tell you that there aren't any good ones on etsy! Maybe you will be inclined to make some! I love the pattern and might have to have you custom-make a Birdie bag for me:) Also, because I was on Amy Butler's site, too, I was reminded that I used to sell Posh Baby's diaper bags at Polka Dot Whale. They were the Amy Butler Nappy Bag pattern and people loved them. I still get requests for them but don't have any to sell. It's a cool pattern that can be worn across the body, fit across the stroller bar and can be reversible and is a very simple but unique design.

So--not that you seem to have any shortage of creativity--you know I adore your bags--just wanted to share those 2 favorite patterns!

Natalie Stewart Graham

New York Acupuncturist said...

Have you tried acupuncture for your migraines? It works very well, doesn't have any side effects and doesn't hurt (seriously). You should find a good acupuncturist in your area. I've helped enough people become migraine-free that I think it's something every migraine sufferer should consider.