Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Favorites

Hydrangeas. Hands down, my favorite flower. I want to get married again (to Crafty Papa) just to see a sea of hydrangeas on all of the tables (I had pink and purple roses at my wedding, pretty, but not hydrangeas). I have a few hydrangea plants in my yard in various shades of pink, purple, and blue and I'm trying to find a good spot for some white ones. A few weeks ago, when we had the huge heat wave here, all of my exposed hydrangea blooms burned to a crisp. I almost shed a tear or two. I cut these from my yard yesterday...

My Ikea mixing bowls. Sorry, can't find them on their website. We ditched our pyrex mixing bowls and replaced them with these a few months ago. It was Crafty Papa's doing and I love these new bowls so much, I will award him 2 points. The big mama bowl is so big, you can fit a large child in it. Yes, that's my tall 4 1/2 year old:)

Vintage Chinese Pottery Shard Necklaces. I got one through a trade a few months ago for $138. It's gorgeous, substantial and really "makes" an outfit. I've since found a bunch of equally beautiful necklaces on Etsy that are much more affordable, I think because the beads used for the necklace aren't as expensive. Doesn't matter to me, I think these necklaces are all about the pottery pendant. I was supposed to use my allowance this month to buy myself one but I forgot and accidentally spent it on acrylic stamps. Some of my favorites are from Polished Two and Flourish Jewelry.


jona said...

I adoooooore hydrangeas!!! Lilacs are my favorites but hydrangeas are a very close second. Neither of them grow here in the Phoenix area and it really breaks my heart.

Those necklaces are beautiful and Bella is too funny in that bowl (just got back from IKEA too)!

Sew Gracious said...

LOVE the hydrangeas, Kelci! What pretty colors you have! I blogged about mine a few days ago too! Tis the season! :-)