Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Weekend

My weekend started off great when my UPS man, Jesse, surprised me with a box from J Caroline Creative. I wasn't expecting my fabric until Monday so I totally did a happy dance. I got ten different yards from Anna Maria Horner's new Garden Party line and it is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are more vivid and vibrant than anything else I've ever seen on fabric. Can't wait to play with this later today...

About an hour later, my friend, Jenni arrived with her family. You may have seen her comment on the blog before and she participated in the swap last month and made a fabulous bag for Shanna. Jenni and I met through our husbands 3 1/2 years ago and became friends right away. Ten minutes after meeting each other, it felt like we had known each other for years. She is without a doubt, one of the nicest, honest, most caring peo pleI know and it's just so easy to be around her.

We only get to see each other a few times a year and I was really sad when she left yesterday. I surprised myself and got a little choked up in the car when they drove away! It was just really nice to have a friend to go fabric shopping and talk crafts with. We also have grand plans to open our own young and hip fabric store. We're going to have a little playroom in the back for our kids and customers' kids so they can spend hours shopping and spending money in our shop while their kids have a blast. We'll have awesome coffee, good music, and lots of fun projects displayed. The only thing we have to work out is how to get her family to move here and getting the tens of thousands of dollars we need to start up but those are just minor details.

Before Jenni left yesterday, we went to The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay. I was really drawn to a bag they had on display and ended up buying the pattern. I normally don't sew from a pattern but thought I could learn some new skills from this pattern. I started working on view B last night using a pink and brown Amy Butler print and hope to get it finished later this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I just linked over to the made my liitle heart skip a beat! We don't have anything like that here.
Do you know where I can get that pattern? I looked, but could not find it...does it have a pattern # and I could call them and order it? I love to log on and look at all the cool stuff you are doing!

Amy said...

FUN - I love fabric shopping either way, glad you had a great weekend :)

Tonya said...

Your idea for a fabric shop sounds wonderful! I would go! Sounds like you had a lovely time visiting : )