Monday, September 14, 2009

Almost As Cute As She Thinks She Is

Another peasant dress. In my opinion, even more fabulous than the last. Cute baby girl is dying to keep this dress. I asked her if she has $30. Hey, Mama has fabric bills to pay.

Size 3T/4T, click on the pics for the listing.

And new bags are coming soon. I ordered snaps over 4 weeks ago and they still haven't arrived! I sent the seller an etsy convo and got a very "simmer down now" response. I think it was due to the language barrier but if my snaps aren't here this week, I'm going to hand out ass whoopins, crafty style.


Beth said...

cute! (your daughter & the dress!!)

Squelly said...

Love the dress, and the rose!! I keep saying I'm going to take that class here at our local craft store but alas...still haven't signed up :-( You may have given me the nudge I needed....I'll let ya know *wink*