Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girly Girl

I've been overtaken with custom orders lately which means I've been ordering a lot of special request fabrics. And so I don't feel left out, I always order a few for myself. Not the best idea for my business budget. I've promised myself that after yesterday's delivery, I'm going to simmer down now on the fabric purchasing.

Which means, I'll have to hold off on ordering more prints from this new Girly Girl collection by Patricia Bravo...

Isn't it fabulous?! Reminds me of how colorful and feminine Amy Butler use to be (yep, I said it). I bought a few of the prints and they're even prettier in person. Like vibrant scrapbook paper but fabric. I love the way they look when transformed into a bag.

I also got Tatey's purplicious quilt fabric in the mail yesterday. I'm attempting to make up my own (very easy) pattern which seems like a terrible idea since I don't have the budget for a redo on this project. Hopefully I can post some progress pictures this weekend.

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Deb said...

Hi Kelci, love your blog, personal, but not too... I have had my blog for about 9 months, but my pics don't seem to be as good as yours. They seem small. Could you share what type of camera you use? Thanks, Deb H