Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Someone Slap Me!

Seriously. I'm freaking out.

I broke a molar on my birthday (Did I mention I turned 31 a few days ago? It sucked.). It broke badly enough that it needs to be removed. So, it's supposed to be pulled tomorrow morning and I was planning to get "laughing gas". I've never had it before so I just was looking up info. on how it works etc. and guess what...hallucinations are a side effect! Just the thought of going through that again is making me crazy (if you're new here, I had a freak reaction to a med last year that resulted in three months of horrible night time hallucinations). So, apparently I can't have nitrous gas after all. I need to decide whether I'm woman enough to just get local anesthetic (along with some anti anxiety meds taken in the parking lot before my appointment:) ) or weeny enough to pay $215 for general anesthesia. Arrrrgh!

For the record, I had lots of teeth pulled as a youth and never had anything other than local anesthetic. I'm getting crazier and more anxious with age though.

ETA: I made it out alive. And I decided to be put completely under. The nurse said quite a few people opt to be totally out since it's not terribly expensive. And with my anxiety issues, she thought it was definitely a good idea to be asleep. I was still so freakin worked up though that my blood pressure was too high! So, we had to chat about stupid stuff like kid names until my blood pressure came down enough for anesthesia. The doctor said, "Ok sweetie, start dreaming about Hawaii." I said, "No, I'll do Alaska." He said, "Alaska it is" and then I woke up to a mouth full of blood and gauze and missing a tooth. I'm still tired and goofy and was going to take a picture of my puffy face but I think that would require too much energy right now. Someone eat some pizza and Panda Express for me today.


bethtrue said...

Hi Kelci - just wanted to say i'm sorry about your tooth - that sux. Dental issues are the worst, in my book - worse than childbirth by far. Anyway - good luck tomorrow and I'd go with paying the cost for the anesthesia. Glad you did the research on the laughing gas; i've never had that either and it sounds scary to me. Think positive thoughts and remind yourself it will all be over with in an hour (or less!) - you can hang in there for a measly little hour, right!!! And bring your ipod for some tunes to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Hope it went well today! I, too, am getting really crazy with age when it comes to the dentist. I start to feel sick when I even think about the dentist! The worst part, may be the way they treat you when you are freaked out. Let us know how it went! Glad you have your move to look forward to!
--Natalie Stewart Graham