Thursday, September 10, 2009

"It feels good"

That's what Matea said when I put her in this dress for pictures. And I didn't even have to pay her. I mean, I did pay her exactly two jelly beans in exchange for putting on the dress and standing semi-still. But I didn't pay her for feedback and certainly didn't coach her for positive comments. So, I guess when I say in the listing that the dress is comfortable, I now have proof, courtesy of my 3 year old.

Apparently, she's been attending the Bella Green Gonzalez school o' posing. She kept saying things like, "Look how I'm bending my knees for the picture" and, "No, I think I should stand like this." I guess this particular model is a bit of a diva but she sure is cute.

I'm really loving this dress with the sash and will definitely have to make a few more for my shop. I got some beautiful bright blue fabric from Jona's store and I think it'll be perfect for another peasant dress.


Marie said...

I love it! The fabric, the sash, the super sassy's all SO cute!

Kristi said...

Love the sash! Love the girlie! You have SO much talent!