Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday...I got you an actual paper card!

A handmade birthday card for a friend who turns 5 next week.

An actual paper card.

Not a text, email, or Facebook message. Something you can actually hold.

Mail just for you with your name on it.

Proof that your birthday wasn't an after thought. I had to think about it at least a few days in advance in order to have it arrive in your mailbox on time.

Yeah, I'm a big believer in birthday cards. Sure, Facebook is great for people you don't know that well or really only know in the cyber world. But for good friends, and definitely family, in my opinion, a card (or phone call) is important.


Kristi said...

I'll admit to getting caught up in life and sending a cyber birthday wish, but I LOVE a real card...pretty dang special these days!

Anonymous said...


roxybonds said...

I really want to get better at sending out cards this year!!! Lord knows I make enough of them!