Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am addicted

I love these pouches.

I love the mini-ness and the contrasting bias trim.

I made this one last night using fabrics left over from an apron I made for Bella yesterday.

This morning, she thought the pouch was for her:( I told her that if it doesn't sell, she can have it or maybe I'll just make her something similar. I spent $82 yesterday at a 20% off sale at my favorite local fabric store. I bought tons of Heather Bailey's new Nicey Jane line and a fat quarter set of her Pop Garden fabrics. I need for this pouch to sell to fund yesterday's fun. I have lots of pretty spring skirts planned for the girls and we have the cutest tops at Carters right now to match. And it was so nice to buy new fabric yesterday since I really haven't purchased any in a few months.

We've had a weekend with the perfect combination of productivity and relaxation. Crafty Papa finished painting the garage and we went and bought a huge piece of carpet to make it more cozy in there. I made the above pouch, an apron for Bella, and sorted through a bunch of my sewing things to clean up shop a bit. I also made cinnamon rolls, cleaned up the mountain of stuff on the floor of my closet, and am baking a Thanksgiving turkey before heading in to work this afternoon. In midst of all of these projects, we watched a movie with the girls, went to an estate sale and looked for treasures, and blew bubbles in the front yard. I like having a day off of work on the weekend:)

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