Thursday, January 28, 2010

Raspberry Truffles

In keeping with my Valentine's Day Bunco theme, I decided to serve truffles. My friend, Lena made some super delicious peanut butter truffles at Christmas time and I hit her up for her secret recipe. A Betty Crocker Bon Bon kit in a box! They're so good, no one would ever know they're from a box.

Since the boxed stuff was so good, I decided to make a batch of raspberry truffles from scratch. I threw together some cream, chocolate, and seedless raspberry preserves and put the mixture in the freezer to firm up. Then I rolled it into balls, dipped them in chocolate, let my girls sprinkle crushed almonds, and then swirled chocolate on the top.

I think they look really good and taste kinda good. Go figure, the boxed stuff is better.

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