Friday, January 22, 2010

Take THAT Rain!

I decided that for the grand finale of our crazy weather week, I would actually leave the house for something other than school drop off/pickup and work. I've taken laziness to a new level this week and I thought that maybe mingling with the general public would help remind me that it's ok to be away from the couch during poor weather.

My plan sort of worked. I have been productive today, however I was productive from the couch. Tatey and I made a felt heart wreath using instructions from The Idea Room blog (really fabulous ideas here, definitely worth bookmarking). I'm hosting Bunco at my house next month and I'm doing a Valentine's Day theme with chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, truffles, etc. I don't own any Valentine's Day decorations and I'd really like for my house to look cute and festive so I decided to make the most of this crappy weather and make my own decorations.

This project is really so easy, a three year old monkey could do it. Here's proof...

And our end product. I now realize my felt flowers aren't packed as tightly as The Idea Room's but that's ok. Great evidence of how cheap and lazy I can be. Better like this?

Or better like this?

I'm also going to make a fabric banner or two for Valentine's Day and use the same idea as the wreath on some styrofoam balls to hang from the cieling. Any other great craft ideas for the holiday?

Ooooo, my cornbread and honey butter from last night turned out great. A really simple and cheap compliment to homemade chili. I have no idea how that tiny wedge went missing. Ok, maybe I do.

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